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Most of the Reliable Lifesciences Consulting network members once served in Oracle Pharmaceutical Consulting Services Europe. Who knows an application better than consultants of the developer?

In March 2013 RELICO signed a partner agreement with OmniComm to become OmniComm's first European re-seller and services partner. OmniComm is the fastet growing and technologically leading company in electronic data capture systems. 

Since May 2017 RELICO is an implementation and sales partner of Alwis. Alwis develops light and robust applications for unmet requirements in drug safety.

Besides Alwis, OmniComm, and Oracle Healthsciences Applications product knowledge the RELICO network members have gained experience with many other IT systems in clinical development, be it by interfacing, implementation, or assessment projects in their life prior and past Oracle Consulting.

Deliver reliable consulting for any eClinical implementation in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Concentrate on Alwis, OmniComm, and Oracle Healthsciences Applications. Support Alwis', OmniComm's, Oracle's, and RELICO's clients to secure their investments done in the past, e.g. continue to deliver AERS consulting services.

Grow the number of highly skilled resources to enable prompt and competent delivery.

Provide value added packages, i. e., fix-price Apps2Go approach to enable a rapid go live, validation suites, and off-the-shelf customisations to close gaps for cost-efficient implementations and upgrades.