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Provide Alwis, OmniComm, and Oracle Healthsciences Applications consulting services for small to large scale implementation and upgrade projects. Do this based on a network of highly skilled Alwis, OmniComm, and Oracle Healthsciences consultants by combing their individual strengths in teams. Services are:

  • Applications installations
  • Applications implementations
  • Applications validations
  • Applications customisations
  • Project management and planning for implementation and upgrade projects
  • Applications workshops and tutorials
  • Applications sales
  • Value Added Package sales
  • Fix Price Apps2Go Implementations for Argus Safety, Oracle Clinical, RDC, Siebel Clinical, TMS, TransAlite, TrialMaster, TrialOne

OmniComm Applications are:

  • TrialMaster
  • TrialOne

Oracle Healthsciences Applications are:

  • Argus Safety
  • Oracle Clinical (OC)
  • Siebel Clinical
  • Remote Data Capture (RDC)
  • Thesaurus Management System (TMS) 

Alwis Applications are:

  • TransAlite

Interfacing between Alwis, OmniComm, and Oracle Healthsciences Applications modules and systems from any vendor to build an integrated eClinical platform.

Offer business consulting for eClinical implementations, workflow re-engineering, total cost of ownership, and return of investment analyses.

Support clients with RFIs and RFPs to optimally choose the system landscape that optimally suits.